Is cruise to Andaman from Vizag a smart option?

Mere mention of these two words Andaman and Cruise makes a person day dream and forget all the stress. Andaman being the island hub has been a tourist spot since decades and going on a cruise is a dream for many. So whenever an avid traveler gets a chance of cruise that too for Andaman it is a choice hard to resist. But there are some factors that should be considered before planning a voyage.

Firstly there are only three ports from India to Andaman that includes Kolkata, Chennai and Vizag. So if you are staying in Vizag or nearby city then these factors need to taken in mind before booking the tickets of cruise to Andaman from Vizag: 1.png

  • The distance between Vizag to Andaman is 1200km approx and it takes 56 hours to reach Port Blair if the weather conditions are normal.
  • Often people travel via sea route as they think that it is cheap but that is not true. Firstly the ticket charges are different for tourists and islanders. Secondly, the ticket charges vary from 2000-10,000 per person depending on the type of seat you are booking and these charges do not include food expenses.
  • Ship sails to Andaman from Vizag only once a month and there are no advance bookings available.
  • If the weather conditions are not suitable to sail then passengers will have to find their accommodation to stay in Vizag as the ship will not sail and port authorities will not provide accommodation.
  • Cruise to Andaman is not a luxurious cruise with all the entertainment. In fact these are government operated ships that transport food and other items to the island from the mainland. So it is manly for commercial basis.
  • Sea sickness is a common phenomenon as passengers are not used to staying away from dry land and may also feel digestion problem. So it is advisable to carry first aid.

To conclude these are the major factors to consider while planning a voyage to Andaman. Undoubtedly, it is adventurous and can be economical in comparison to flight if opting for bunk class but these factors need to be considered before booking the cruise.


Author: experienceandamanss

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